Mission & Vision


To manufacture and produce a line of UPS, Inverter and Solar related products that are recognized to be tried, tested and trusted throughout the country, and play a substantial role in reducing the dependence of the country on fossil-based energy and thus protect and preserve the environment.


To be the preferred choice of a wide range of Inverter, UPS and Solar products that are customer focused targeting the end users’ actual requirements, with Pan-India presence and also to be recognized nationally for the total focus on optimizing value to the customer and to our products.


Our philosophy is to help enrich the customer, the country, the society, and the world community at large. There is so much we can do, and much more we should do, with much less by building the right tools that lead to a better quality of life. This is our guiding approach, when we bring you our own tried, tested and trusted products.

Our Operation

Over 10+ Offices in the Country